Connecting families touched by cancer with fishing

A Tribute to Daniel Duty & Jacob Landsteiner


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Catch Your Moment Foundation is a group of dedicated anglers connecting families touched by cancer with the therapeutic sport of fishing. The objective of the foundation is to provide peer support with an opportunity to find inspiration, healing connections, and enjoy the outdoors with an experienced angler. Catch Your Moment isn't a non-profit, it's a zero profit. Every penny donated will go directly to the people and families that we take to fish. All fishing trips and costs incurred are 100% donated and volunteered. 

Started by cancer survivor Timmon Lund, who experienced the benefit that fishing provided during treatment. "Friends and family would pick me up and bring me to the lake. Just getting out took me away from what I was faced with and provided a relief that medicine couldn't. Now, this is my way to give back."



It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.

Ernest Hemingway




Each trip can be individualized for your desire and needs. Duluth, being in such a unique area, gives us a broad variety to best serve you. Our passion is to get you on the best fishing possible but ultimately we just want to get you or your family away, even if you just want to go for a quick boat ride or throw a few cast off the dock. Need transportation, lunch, a license? Just let us know, Catch Your Moment Foundation has you covered. 



Timmon lund

Timmon Lund grew up chasing fish of any type but his favorite were muskie and walleye. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2012, fishing was his main outlet. During Timmon’s long fight with cancer, his best friend Dan Duty was diagnosed with colorectal cancer didn’t make it. In his honor, Timmon began the Catch Your Moment Foundation in 2016. Pursing and sharing his passion of fishing, Timmon now spends over 300 days per year on the water. His desire is to build Catch Your Moment with the intention that it continues to reach people in a positive way long after he’s gone.


GREg beach

Greg Beach is a former Police Officer and Iraq War Veteran. These careers in chaos have led to his current pursuits. He is the Chief Angling Officer for Beach Outdoors and Additionally, he is a professional walleye tournament angler, proud NPAA member (1268), and fishing blogger. Finally for Catch Your Moment he is a board member, guide, and a Pro Staff member.



Catch Your Moment Foundation is a tribute to Daniel Duty and Jacob Landsteiner. They contributed to many some of the most memorable moments in their lifetime. May their spirit of adventure and love for the outdoors carry on.

Duty Lund.jpg

daniel Duty

May 14, 1975 - June 06, 2015

Landsteiner Lund.png

Jacob Landsteiner

November 16, 1979 - January 2, 2019


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We are excited to announce St. Luke's as our proud primary sponsor since 2018!



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